February 25, 2022 : Stay tuned, as this week-end I’ll be releasing the first overdriven.fr free profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp. I resisted the Kemper for a long time 🙂 , and finally pulled the trigger in January. Honestly…I am blown away by the tone and feel you can get from it ! The KPA was released 10 years ago and the hardware is still top-notch. The quantity and diversity of profiles seems just …. HUGE (whether paid or free). And of course, I just had to try profiling amps and cabs by myself….:)

As my Zilla Fatboy is still loaded with it’s two Demon speakers, the first round of KPA profiles will be based on this configuration. The first profiles about to be published are using my Randall EOD 88, the Zilla Fatboy Demon and one of my favorites mic : the ‘DYN-US-6’. These first profiles are Kemper Studio profiles (or “complete” profiles). Details will be provided on the (to be created) KPA download page, for each set of profiles.