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Welcome to this page dedicated to presets for the Mooer GE300 multi-effects. These presets are examples or demos that can get you started or give you some tone and settings ideas. These presets are designed and tested for metal/rock and distorted tone in general, but you might give them a try even if you play in other styles.

Overdriven.fr presets for Mooer GE300

These presets either use the built-in GE300 cabs or the impulse responses freely available on this web site. For the different presets, the setup instructions are provided. Take a look at the Impulse Response download page if you want to have a look at the available impulses as well as presentation and usage instructions.

CaliDual presets for GE300 – Pack 1

These are my first 12 patches made for the GE300, using the Cali Dual amplifier, for mid-gain to high-gain tones. These are the GE300 versions of the Ampero Rector patches. The patches use 11 free overdriven.fr IRs coming directly from the available collections for the main part, a few of them are custom mixes created for this collection (same IRs as the ones used in the Ampero Rector pack 1). These presets are created and tested on a GE300 (firmware 3.0.1), and may work on a GE300 lite (may be you will need to adjust a few params in this case ? GE300 Lite owners : let me know). AFAIK, they will not work on GE250 / GE200 as there is no built-in CaliDual amp profile on these 2 models. So, loading them on a 250/200 should either not work at all or point to different amp profiles. GE200/GE250 owners will not be able to read and load these .mo files : as indicated in Gabriel’s comment below, it looks like GE300 presets will only load on GE300 (files format are not compatible). However, the Cali Dual amps can be installed on the GE2x0 : see GE2x0_Amp_Model_Package.zip on http://www.mooeraudio.com/companyfile/GE200-Downloads-138.html and http://www.mooeraudio.com/companyfile/GE250-Downloads-148.html.

Most of the presets use 3 blocks : the DS/OD with the 808 overdrive, the amp block set to the CaliDual profile (channel 2) and the Cab block. The patches were created and tested using a (six strings) guitar tuned to E standard with Fishman Fluence in modern voicing, an SH4 pickup and an EMG57 pickup. You may need to tweak/change the OD settings depending on the voicing and output level of your own pickups. If you need more gain, I’d suggest to start by raising the output level and/or the gain on the overdrive block. I mainly used the Standard 6L6 power-amp sim for these presets, as this one was giving me the best tones (for my taste) : you are free to tweak and change 🙂

To install the presets, download and unzip the preset file : it contains the IR files and the GE300 .mo files.

Then :

  • backup you existing presets and IRs first
  • first load the IR files to the slots listed in the table below
  • then import the preset files

You can load the IRs to different slots, just make sure that you point the intended IR after importing the preset.

Preset fileIR slotIR file

Note : OD-E112-G12-65-DYN-57-12-20 is from an unpublished collection at the moment. The cab is the German112 and the speaker is a G12-65 Heritage.

Small tone samples

Will be added soon.

Download link

You can download the zip containing the presets and IRs here : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/download/overdriven-mooer-ge300-calidual-presets/

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