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Kemper ODN VH4 profiles

12 new Kemper profiles will be shortly made available for your Kemper Profiler Amplifier, based on captures of a VH4 amp equipped with KT77 power tubes, using channel 2 (crunch, bright switch on). Check the Resources | Kemper Profiles page… Continue Reading →

Kemper 7606/GOV liquid profiles released

Be sure to check the Kemper resources pages (link below or Resources | Models and Profiles | Kemper resources) for a new set of profiles : these are Overdriven “7606” liquid profiles, using a Fatboy Governor cabinet and the Kemper… Continue Reading →

AIDA-X Cali Dual Pack1 released

This pack was released last week and is available as a free download from AIDA-X cloud and Overdriven.fr It contains 12 models of boosted and raw captures. Demos of the tone, using Lasse Lammert Mago DI pack with AIDA-X models… Continue Reading →

AIDA-X models new page

A new page dedicated to AIDA-X models is available on overdriven.fr : this page provides access to the models that I capture and share for free on the AIDA-X platform. You can use these models from your DAW with the… Continue Reading →

Kemper profiles for beginners, part 1

You have just purchased a Kemper Player, a Kemper Stage, a toaster or a rack version? Welcome to the Kemper users club ! More than 10 years after its launch, the Kemper Profiler Amplifier (KPA) remains a fantastic sound factory… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses part 11 : IRs with tube amps baked-in

IntroductionPreviously….Baked-in power ampsHow these IRs can be created ?A demo packDemo pack IR listSamplesDownload linkConclusionChange log Introduction During my recent tests of impulse response loaders (the Sonic cake IR and the TC Impulse from TC Electronic) I used different configurations… Continue Reading →

Shittcow RD GE 300 presets with Tone Capture

January 3, 2023 : 10 free presets for the GE 300 made with tone capture are available for download. This preset collection uses free overdriven.fr IRs associated with two Tone Capture of a Synergy® Fryette® Pittbull® Ultra lead preamp, using… Continue Reading →

Plugin Alliance : X-Mas 22 sales !

December 21, 2022 : Plugin Alliance has started its end of year sales and there are excellent plugins awaiting there, with very low price tags. High-gain and metal players : check the offering from Plugin Alliance, as three of the… Continue Reading →

Ampero firmware update : version 4.0

November 20, 2022 : Hotone released last month a new firmware for the Ampero multi-effects : version 4.0 of the firmware is available alongside the 1.3.2 version of the Ampero Editor for Mac and PC. The new firmware includes bug… Continue Reading →

GE 300 firmware update : version 4.0.1

November 6, 2002 : Mooer released a firmware update for the GE 300 multi-effects. The version 4.0.1 is available for download here : https://www.mooeraudio.com/companyfile/GE300-Downloads-145.html This release contains the following features or updates : It is recommended to perform a full… Continue Reading →

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