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Impulse responses : part 6

This post is mainly targeted at beginners with impulse responses and presents advices and tips from my own small experience with IRs, and from questions and discussions observed on different musician websites and forums. Gear and signal path You can… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses : part 5

Updated 03/29/2020 Introduction The previous post (part 4) presented the power amplifier section of IR loaders, which are very interesting to get a more realistic sound from your gear, especially when using preamp pedals or the FX send connection of… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses : part 4

Introduction Many preamp and distortion pedals are available on the market nowadays : from very affordable pedals to the most expensive ones. They have become very popular : some guitar players use them to compliment their existing gear and amps… Continue Reading →

Overdrive pedals : part 1

Introduction A new blog entry for beginners : what are overdrive pedals used for ? Should you absolutely use one ? Are they mandatory for metal guitar ? How do you use them ? This is a small beginner’s guide… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses : part 3

Introduction In this third post on impulse responses, we will take a look at the main recording technique used for (metal) guitar and we will introduce a basic equalization technique based on two filters : the high-pass and the low-pass… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses : part 2

Introduction In this second post, we discuss the signal chain for using CAB impulse responses, as well as an introduction to software IR loaders. Signal chain : introduction It is the path that your guitar pickup signal will follow in… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses : part 1

Introduction Impulse Response technology (IR) has become extremely popular among the guitar players community, from beginners to accomplished professional players.This technology allows the creation of sound footprints for a given hardware (a guitar CAB and a recording mic) and to… Continue Reading →

Get started with metal guitar

So you finally decided to start playing metal guitar ! Welcome ! I think there has never been a better time than nowadays to start learning guitar : you can find affordable guitars, amps and a zillion of resources like… Continue Reading →

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