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Kemper DVL20 profiles released

For metal heads looking for thick and saturated tones, be sure to check the ODN-DVL20-3 GOV and the ODN-DVL20-4 GOV profiles released through the Kemper Rig Exchange end of January. You can check the details of these Profiles in the… Continue Reading →

Kemper modern Plexi profiles released

If you enjoy supercharged Plexi tone, be sure to check Overdriven free Plexi profiles released last month through the Kemper Rig Exchange platform (so directly available from Rig Manager). The profiles prefix is “ODN-PLEXI” : you can check capture and… Continue Reading →

Feed your Codex with models

Two-Notes added a page to its knowledge base providing the list of bundled Proteus, Aida and NAM models here : https://helpdesk.two-notes.com/portal/en/kb/articles/what-codex-captures-are-included-with-genome. Be sure to also check the Codex page on Two-Notes website, especially the “GET MORE CAPTURES FOR CODEX” section :… Continue Reading →

Two-Notes releases Genome

Two-Notes launched its Genome software plugin last week (01/25/24): this plugin combines a set of very interesting features, ranging from support for amps and pedals modeled with their in-house TSM technology (Tube- Stage Modeling), to modules supporting standard IRs and… Continue Reading →

Fortin Evil Pumpkin : in stock and shipping !

There are amp specifications that can leave the average guitarist quite dreamy… Fortin manufactured and put on sale at the end of 2023 an amp model that has been awaited for years, the Fortin Evil Pumpkin. This amp is the… Continue Reading →

Kemper profiles for beginners, part 1

You have just purchased a Kemper Player, a Kemper Stage, a toaster or a rack version? Welcome to the Kemper users club ! More than 10 years after its launch, the Kemper Profiler Amplifier (KPA) remains a fantastic sound factory… Continue Reading →

Mooer Preamp Model X2 : review

With the Preamp X2, Mooer offers a very compact system in pedal format allowing you to take advantage of its MNRS technology: this is the in-house technology for capturing and reproducing guitar amp preamplifier sounds. Launched at the end of… Continue Reading →

TONEX 1.5 released

IK Multimedia released an upgrade to the Tonex plugin and app : version 1.5 can now be installed from the IK Product Manager and brings many updates, mainly in the UI. This upgrade is free for all Tonex users. The… Continue Reading →

Kemper Power Kabinet : review

To take advantage of my Kemper Profiler in my home studio, I decided to invest in a small “FRFR” (Flat Range Full Response) cabinet. The idea was to have a compact, autonomous system that would be more plug and play,… Continue Reading →

Kemper launches the Profiler player

January 6, 2024 Kemper launched last month a new hardware : the Profiler player, a Kemper profiler in a pedal format with a lower tag price than the full featured Kemper Stage and the Kemper Profiler Amp (a.k.a “the toaster”)…. Continue Reading →

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