There are amp specifications that can leave the average guitarist quite dreamy… Fortin manufactured and put on sale at the end of 2023 an amp model that has been awaited for years, the Fortin Evil Pumpkin. This amp is the result of a long collaboration between Jason Frankhouser and Mike Fortin.

Front face of the Evil Pumpkin (source : Fortin web site)

So this is a 100 Watts tube amp, with 3 channels:

  • an “American” clean channel
  • an overdriven channel named KK, built from Jason Frankhouser’s Marshall KillerKali
  • an overdriven channel named EP, built from Jason Frankhouser’s Marshall 1959 SLP and featuring Mike Fortin’s three-way gain control (Girth, Grind and Gain)

This beast is equipped with 7 (!!) 12AX7 preamplifier tubes (the two saturated channels each use 4 gain stages) and on the power side we have 2x 6CA7 tubes (these are EL34 compatible tubes which sound more like 6L6) paired with 2x EL34 tubes. The amp is made in UK.

The rear panel, in addition to the classic cab outputs, offers the possibility of measuring and adjusting the bias, has a line out output, an effects loop and 3x 9-volts power supplies for pedals.

Rear panel (source : Fortin web site)

You can find a video demo of the amp here :

And you can learn about the history of this amplifier as well as about the collaboration between Jason and Mike Fortin here :

The amp can be ordered via the Fortin store on Reverb:, with prices for European resellers varying between 4600 and 5000 Euros approximately.