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New Tonex partners and collections

August 14, 2023 IK Multimedia extended its Tone.net platform with new shopping capabilities for its Tonex system, through new partners and collections tabs : on top of the community shared Tone models, you can now access commercial offerings from partners… Continue Reading →

NAM 0.7.3 : review

A revolution never happens alone: at the same time as the TONEX solution from IK Multimedia settles in the guitar player landscape (see my review here), we are witnessing the beginning and the rise of an open-source – and free… Continue Reading →

FLAMMA FS07 Cab : review

The FS07 was launched on the market in July 2021 by Flamma Innovation, a Chinese company founded in 2019: it is a ‘budget’ brand that seems more or less related to Mooer, judging by the very strong resemblance of certain… Continue Reading →

Upcoming KEMPER updates

May 04, 2023 : Kemper announces a set of upcoming updates for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier : the addition of Liquid Profiling, USB audio support for the Kemper, and the addition of a profile marketplace to the Rig Exchange. The… Continue Reading →

IK Multimedia TONEX : review

It has been difficult to escape the marketing hype and the countless Youtube videos around TONEX from IK Multimedia in this beginning of 2023 ! The majority of the tests and videos are rave reviews: the TONEX system would be… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses part 11 : IRs with tube amps baked-in

Introduction During my recent tests of impulse response loaders (the Sonic cake IR and the TC Impulse from TC Electronic) I used different configurations with amps associated with a loadbox, preamps, distortion pedals… With real amps and a load box,… Continue Reading →

Shittcow RD GE 300 presets with Tone Capture

January 3, 2023 : 10 free presets for the GE 300 made with tone capture are available for download. This preset collection uses free overdriven.fr IRs associated with two Tone Capture of a Synergy® Fryette® Pittbull® Ultra lead preamp, using… Continue Reading →

Mooer MNRS : review

Introduction This Chinese maker has succeeded in a few years in establishing itself as a manufacturer that counts and has succeeded in positioning itself in the segment of entry-level and mid-range guitar multi-effects. To achieve this, Mooer has developed a… Continue Reading →

Plugin Alliance : X-Mas 22 sales !

December 21, 2022 : Plugin Alliance has started its end of year sales and there are excellent plugins awaiting there, with very low price tags. High-gain and metal players : check the offering from Plugin Alliance, as three of the… Continue Reading →

Ampero firmware update : version 4.0

November 20, 2022 : Hotone released last month a new firmware for the Ampero multi-effects : version 4.0 of the firmware is available alongside the 1.3.2 version of the Ampero Editor for Mac and PC. The new firmware includes bug… Continue Reading →

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