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Launching free Ampero and GE300 presets

August 29, 2021 : launching free Hotone Ampero and Mooer GE300 presets. I’ll now start sharing my presets for Ampero and GE300 : these presets will either use the built-in cabs/IRs or free overdriven.fr IRs. The first packs have been… Continue Reading →

Fatboy G12K100 IR mixes demos

August 15, 2021 : a few demos of IR mixes provided with the latest update of the Fatboy G12K100 KT88 IR collection : I really enjoy the tone of these IRs for distorted sounds, so I am sharing a few… Continue Reading →

New IR collections : Fatboy Celestion® Greenback KT88 and class-D

August 14, 2021 : two free “Gen3” IR collections are now available, using a ZillaCabs® Fatboy loaded with two Celestion® G12M Greenback speakers. The Greenback has been declined by Celestion in multiple versions since its inception in the 60’s and… Continue Reading →

Overdriven.fr free IRs: “Gen3” launch

July 18, 2021 : I am launching today new free collections of guitar cab impulse responses with new capture settings, new multi-mics mixes and processed versions of IRs. This post provides a quick overview of these new IRs collections features… Continue Reading →

Impulse response posts index

Sticky post

Easy navigation to the impulse responses blog posts : Impulse responses part 9 : mixing IRs Impulse responses part 8 : using EQ Software Impulse Response loaders (IR part 7) Impulse responses : part 6 (usage advices) Impulse responses :… Continue Reading →

Fatboy G12K100 IR collection update

July 5, 2021 : I just released an update of the Fatboy G12K100 IR collection and it now includes a PROCESSED directory containing IR mixes. Two types of IR mix files are provided : one type is inspired by the… Continue Reading →

Joyo Zombie : review

After the Micro Dark, I am testing in this blog post the first generation Zombie from Joyo. Small size, light weight and a technology similar to the Micro Dark : a hybrid approach with a preamp using a single 12AX7… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses part 9 : mixing IRs

Blending or mixing IRs offers a very powerful and flexible way to craft your own guitar tones. Mixing IRs allow you to create new tone by associating multiple microphones and cabs in a very flexible way : with guitar DI… Continue Reading →

Overloud releases SuperCabinet

May 28, 2021 : Overloud  -a renowned Italian plugin and guitar amp simulation maker, praised for its TH-U products— has released a new convolution plugin named SuperCabinet (released May 18). This software IR loader can be purchased standalone or can… Continue Reading →

Torpedo C.A.B. M+ : review

Introduction This is a short follow-up of the original review of the Torpedo C.A.B. M (you can find it here). Two-Notes Audio Engineering made a major firmware update for its CAB M pedal in June 2020, renaming the CAB M… Continue Reading →

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