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Sonicake Sonic IR : review

The Sonic IR is an IR loader in pedal format, built by Sonicake Technology. This Chinese brand was launched in 2017 and offers a catalog of mini pedals such as reverb, distortion, noise killer, modulation pedal, etc., sold at ultra-competitive… Continue Reading →

TC Impulse IR loader : review

Introduction TC Electronic has added to its catalog a new mini pedal at the beginning of 2022, named TC Impulse IR loader. It is an impulse response loader in pedal format, containing 12 official Celestion IRs, 8 IRs labeled “pedal-platform”… Continue Reading →

Nux Solid Studio : review

Introduction The Solid Studio is an impulse response loader in pedal format that offers two main features: simulations of guitar speakers with an IR loader supporting 2048 samples and a simulation of power amplifiers. This pedal was launched on the… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses part 10 : a word about microphones

In this IR blog post #10, we will explore the results obtained through the use of different types of microphones. When recording electric guitar sounds, the microphone is the element that does most of the work: its sound signature will… Continue Reading →

New Two-Notes cabs : Engl Sig77 and Engl Sinister

June 06, 2022 : Two-Notes has released new DynIR collections based on Engl cabinets, loaded with Eminence DV-77 speakers (Mick Thomson signature speaker) and Hesu Demon speakers. The new cabinets available are based on Engl 1×12 (E112VB), 2×12 (VB and… Continue Reading →

Randy Thrash GE300 presets with Tone Capture

May 7, 2022 : 7 free presets for the GE300 made with tone capture. This preset collection uses free overdriven.fr IRs associated with a Tone Capture of a Randall® Thrasher 50 tube amp. This tone capture can be used with… Continue Reading →

New IR collection : German 112 Celestion® G12-65

March 6, 2022 : a new IR collection is now available, using a German 112 cabinet, front-loaded with a Celestion® G12-65 speaker, captured with a KT88 power amplifier and my TubePreamp #2. This collection was originally captured on July 15… Continue Reading →

Announcing free Kemper profiles

February 25, 2022 : Stay tuned, as this week-end I’ll be releasing the first overdriven.fr free profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp. I resisted the Kemper for a long time 🙂 , and finally pulled the trigger in January. Honestly…I… Continue Reading →

New IR collection : US-412 Celestion® V30 – CLASS D

January 23, 2022 : a new “Gen3” IR collection is now available, using a US 412 cabinet, rear-loaded with four Celestion® V30 speakers, captured with a CLASS D power amplifier (neutral). This collection contains IR captures of two of the… Continue Reading →

Announcing free US-412-V30 IRs collection

January 20, 2022 : stay tuned, as the first cut of free overdriven.fr 412 V30 IRs will be available this week-end. The first version of the collection will be the “neutral” one (i.e. CLASS D) and will contain dynamic mics… Continue Reading →

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