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TONEX 1.5 released

IK Multimedia released an upgrade to the Tonex plugin and app : version 1.5 can now be installed from the IK Product Manager and brings many updates, mainly in the UI. This upgrade is free for all Tonex users. The… Continue Reading →

Kemper Power Kabinet : review

To take advantage of my Kemper Profiler in my home studio, I decided to invest in a small “FRFR” (Flat Range Full Response) cabinet. The idea was to have a compact, autonomous system that would be more plug and play,… Continue Reading →

Kemper launches the Profiler player

January 6, 2024 Kemper launched last month a new hardware : the Profiler player, a Kemper profiler in a pedal format with a lower tag price than the full featured Kemper Stage and the Kemper Profiler Amp (a.k.a “the toaster”)…. Continue Reading →

Update Helix 3.70

November 19, 2023 : Line 6 just released a major update for Helix, Helix LT, HX Stomp and Helix Native with the publication of HX Edit and Helix firmware 3.70. This updates brings new amps, cabs and effects to Line… Continue Reading →

Updated Sonicake Sonic IR review

Oct 22, 2023 – The Sonicake Sonic IR review got an update with a new “Issues and troubleshooting section”. You can check the updated review here : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/2022/09/27/sonicake-sonic-ir-review/

New Tonex partners and collections

August 14, 2023 IK Multimedia extended its Tone.net platform with new shopping capabilities for its Tonex system, through new partners and collections tabs : on top of the community shared Tone models, you can now access commercial offerings from partners… Continue Reading →

NAM 0.7.3 : review

A revolution never happens alone: at the same time as the TONEX solution from IK Multimedia settles in the guitar player landscape (see my review here), we are witnessing the beginning and the rise of an open-source – and free… Continue Reading →

FLAMMA FS07 Cab : review

The FS07 was launched on the market in July 2021 by Flamma Innovation, a Chinese company founded in 2019: it is a ‘budget’ brand that seems more or less related to Mooer, judging by the very strong resemblance of certain… Continue Reading →

Upcoming KEMPER updates

May 04, 2023 : Kemper announces a set of upcoming updates for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier : the addition of Liquid Profiling, USB audio support for the Kemper, and the addition of a profile marketplace to the Rig Exchange. The… Continue Reading →

IK Multimedia TONEX : review

It has been difficult to escape the marketing hype and the countless Youtube videos around TONEX from IK Multimedia in this beginning of 2023 ! The majority of the tests and videos are rave reviews: the TONEX system would be… Continue Reading →

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