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New Tonex partners and collections

August 14, 2023 IK Multimedia extended its Tone.net platform with new shopping capabilities for its Tonex system, through new partners and collections tabs : on top of the community shared Tone models, you can now access commercial offerings from partners… Continue Reading →

Upcoming KEMPER updates

May 04, 2023 : Kemper announces a set of upcoming updates for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier : the addition of Liquid Profiling, USB audio support for the Kemper, and the addition of a profile marketplace to the Rig Exchange. The… Continue Reading →

Shittcow RD GE 300 presets with Tone Capture

January 3, 2023 : 10 free presets for the GE 300 made with tone capture are available for download. This preset collection uses free overdriven.fr IRs associated with two Tone Capture of a Synergy® Fryette® Pittbull® Ultra lead preamp, using… Continue Reading →

Plugin Alliance : X-Mas 22 sales !

December 21, 2022 : Plugin Alliance has started its end of year sales and there are excellent plugins awaiting there, with very low price tags. High-gain and metal players : check the offering from Plugin Alliance, as three of the… Continue Reading →

Ampero firmware update : version 4.0

November 20, 2022 : Hotone released last month a new firmware for the Ampero multi-effects : version 4.0 of the firmware is available alongside the 1.3.2 version of the Ampero Editor for Mac and PC. The new firmware includes bug… Continue Reading →

GE 300 firmware update : version 4.0.1

November 6, 2002 : Mooer released a firmware update for the GE 300 multi-effects. The version 4.0.1 is available for download here : https://www.mooeraudio.com/companyfile/GE300-Downloads-145.html This release contains the following features or updates : It is recommended to perform a full… Continue Reading →

New Two-Notes cabs : Engl Sig77 and Engl Sinister

June 06, 2022 : Two-Notes has released new DynIR collections based on Engl cabinets, loaded with Eminence DV-77 speakers (Mick Thomson signature speaker) and Hesu Demon speakers. The new cabinets available are based on Engl 1×12 (E112VB), 2×12 (VB and… Continue Reading →

Randy Thrash GE300 presets with Tone Capture

May 7, 2022 : 7 free presets for the GE300 made with tone capture. This preset collection uses free overdriven.fr IRs associated with a Tone Capture of a Randall® Thrasher 50 tube amp. This tone capture can be used with… Continue Reading →

New IR collection : German 112 Celestion® G12-65

March 6, 2022 : a new IR collection is now available, using a German 112 cabinet, front-loaded with a Celestion® G12-65 speaker, captured with a KT88 power amplifier and my TubePreamp #2. This collection was originally captured on July 15… Continue Reading →

Announcing free Kemper profiles

February 25, 2022 : Stay tuned, as this week-end I’ll be releasing the first overdriven.fr free profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp. I resisted the Kemper for a long time 🙂 , and finally pulled the trigger in January. Honestly…I… Continue Reading →

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