IK Multimedia released an upgrade to the Tonex plugin and app : version 1.5 can now be installed from the IK Product Manager and brings many updates, mainly in the UI. This upgrade is free for all Tonex users.

The UI gets reorganized and the enhancements are meant to provide better browsing and finding capabilities as well as better organizing your Tone Models and presets, with the addition of custom folders.

This version brings the following enhancements :

  • Improved Tone Model filtering and searching with a dedicated sidebar
  • User folders can now be created to organize Tone Models and presets
  • New Card view displays more Tone Models in a single window
  • Rescale and smart resize let users zoom in or show more content
  • Amp and Cab section now streamlined to mix and match Tone Models
  • Deeper ToneNET integration for a seamless and expanded experience
  • New Collections section to demo and purchase Premium Tone Models
  • Librarian adds new filters for easy search and transfer to TONEX pedal
  • 15 new Premium Tone Models covering clean to high-gain amps
Tonex 1.5 new UI layout with the sidebar
Tonex 1.5 new filters
Tonex 1.5 new filters for presets
Tonex 1.5 new filters for presets

For more information, you can check IK Multimedia Tonex 1.5 video below and check the IK web site : https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=15483