Two-Notes launched its Genome software plugin last week (01/25/24): this plugin combines a set of very interesting features, ranging from support for amps and pedals modeled with their in-house TSM technology (Tube- Stage Modeling), to modules supporting standard IRs and DYNIRS from Two-Notes, and including a new profile player called CODEX and supporting 3 current profiling solutions: NAM, AIDA-X and Proteus profiles/ Guitar-ML!!!

There is no doubt that the product will create a major interest from many guitarists and bassists: like BIAS FX or TH-U from Overloud, this plugin allows you to build and manage a signal path including boost/overdrives or bass pedals, distorsions, modeled or profiled amps, a conventional IR loader as well as Two-Notes’ own IR loader for loading DYNIRS cabs -that you acquired with Wall-Of-Sound or one of the Two-Notes hardware ( Cab M, Captor ….)-, an EQ which seems quite sophisticated and resembles that of FabFilter, two delays, a reverb, two compressors, an enhancer, a set of modulation effects (flanger, phaser, chorus, etc.), etc….

One of the TSM amps

An example of routing

The EQ module

The major innovation being – in my opinion – the presence of an amplifier module called CODEX:

The Codex module

This module allows you to load and use amp profiles (or others types of profiles) created with NAM, AIDA-X and Proteus: you will be able to use thousands of existing profiles and combine them with your favorite IRs and DYNIRs ! As illustrated in the screenshot above, CODEX offers support for customizable tone stacks (probably in an approach similar to that of Kemper with Liquid Profiling), provides access to the classic gain, bass, midrange, treble and volume controls, but it also directly embeds an EQ and an enhancer: large enough to completely shape your sounds !!

The DynIR CAB module is the equivalent of Wall-of-Sound, directly embedded in the plugin

An overdrive example

The plugin is provided in VST3, AU and AAX formats, there is no standalone version at the moment. It is available for 79.99 Euros and is freely accessible to all users of Torpedo hardware, registered before the public release date of Genome.

Two-Notes Genome product page :

Genome documentation :

You can find the list of provided Proteus, Aida and NAM models here :