• Created : June 23, 2024
  • Updated : July 4, 2024

Terms and conditions

Before proceeding with download, please consult the terms of use, and more specifically the “impulse response” section : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/fr/about/.

These impulse response files (IRs) are free and as mentioned in the Terms of Use, no warranty of any kind is provided with these files (issues, sound problems, inability to use them, sound quality, damages of any kind…).

The riffs and partial song covers presented here as samples are used for illustration and educational purposes (using amps and IRs). These riffs and songs remain the property of their copyright owners.

CAB and mics

The guitar cabinet on which this collection is based on is a Marshall 1936 Vintage cabinet (2*12), loaded with 2x Marshall G12 Vintage speakers (16 ohms). According to Marshall forums users, this speaker seems to be the early -or initial- V30 spec (so, there would be at least 3 flavors of V30’s available as of today : the official V30 from Celestion -made in China-, the UK one made to Mesa Boogie specs and this G12 Vintage -which I believe is also made in UK- made to Marshall specs). Interestingly, when performing my first recording tests and captures, I found out that the top end of the two speakers were producing slightly different variations of the base tone : the left speaker is less aggressive in the treble, producing a nice and more vintage tone, the right speaker having more a modern spike and presence, resulting in a more aggressive tone….. I ended-up finding that both are interesting, so there will be two variations of this collection : the Left one (this collection) and the Right one, named respectively M212-L and M212-R in the main IR download page.


The samples below are created in Logic ProX, re-amping Lasse Lammert Mago DI tracks with a custom AIDA-X model based on a VH4 amp (channel 2/crunch) and a Maxon OD-9 overdrive. Amp models are loaded in Genome CODEX. IRs are loaded in Nadir, no EQ but low-cut and high-cut are used.

IR loaded in Nadir :

The tone is refined with a Genome RaunchMaker overdrive pedal placed before the 2 Codex instances. FabFilter L2 is used to boost the mix.

The precise AIDA-X model used is the following : ODN-GAS4-AP-2C-CH2 OD-9-HVY.aidax (this model is not publicly available yet).


Overdriven.fr is not affiliated with the brands mentioned on this page. These products and brand names are listed here to describe the hardware used for impulse capture. All brands belong to their respective owners. Check the legal disclaimer here : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/about/.

Download link

You can download the IR files from this link : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/download/m-212-l-vint-ssp2-classd-g4/

A sponsored IR collection is also available for this cab and speaker : check this page https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/m-212-l-vint-sp1-g4-sponsored-guitar-cab-impulse-responses/

Change log

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  • June 23, 2024 : update
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  • July 3, 2024 : added sponsored collection link
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IR Files

  • CND-JP-1
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P00-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P00-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P05-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P05-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P09-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P09-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P10-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P10-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P12-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P12-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P15-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P15-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P20-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-CND-JP-1-P20-50.wav
  • DYN-201
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-201-P00-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-201-P05-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-201-P09-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-201-P10-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-201-P12-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-201-P15-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-201-P20-00.wav
  • DYN-57
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-57-P00-00-L.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-57-P05-00-L.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-57-P09-00-L.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-57-P10-00-L.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-57-P12-00-L.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-57-P15-00-L.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-57-P20-00-L.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-57-P25-00-L.wav
  • DYN-US-8
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P00-20.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P00-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P05-20.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P05-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P09-20.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P09-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P10-20.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P10-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P12-20.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P12-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P15-20.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P15-50.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P20-20.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-DYN-US-8-P20-50.wav
  • RBN-US-1
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P00-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P00-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P05-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P05-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P09-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P09-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P10-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P10-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P12-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P12-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P15-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P15-30.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P20-00.wav
    • OD-M212-VINT-RBN-US-1-P20-30.wav