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Mooer MNRS : review

Introduction This Chinese maker has succeeded in a few years in establishing itself as a manufacturer that counts and has succeeded in positioning itself in the segment of entry-level and mid-range guitar multi-effects. To achieve this, Mooer has developed a… Continue Reading →

Sonicake Sonic IR : review

The Sonic IR is an IR loader in pedal format, built by Sonicake Technology. This Chinese brand was launched in 2017 and offers a catalog of mini pedals such as reverb, distortion, noise killer, modulation pedal, etc., sold at ultra-competitive… Continue Reading →

TC Impulse IR loader : review

Introduction TC Electronic has added to its catalog a new mini pedal at the beginning of 2022, named TC Impulse IR loader. It is an impulse response loader in pedal format, containing 12 official Celestion IRs, 8 IRs labeled “pedal-platform”… Continue Reading →

Nux Solid Studio : review

Introduction The Solid Studio is an impulse response loader in pedal format that offers two main features: simulations of guitar speakers with an IR loader supporting 2048 samples and a simulation of power amplifiers. This pedal was launched on the… Continue Reading →

Joyo Zombie : review

After the Micro Dark, I am testing in this blog post the first generation Zombie from Joyo. Small size, light weight and a technology similar to the Micro Dark : a hybrid approach with a preamp using a single 12AX7… Continue Reading →

Torpedo C.A.B. M+ : review

Introduction This is a short follow-up of the original review of the Torpedo C.A.B. M (you can find it here). Two-Notes Audio Engineering made a major firmware update for its CAB M pedal in June 2020, renaming the CAB M… Continue Reading →

Orange Micro Dark : review

Created : November 1, 2020 Updated : November 22, 2020 Introduction Tiny lunchbox format amps have been there for some time…. I was intrigued lately by the good reviews and the convincing tone of some YouTube demos of the Orange… Continue Reading →

Randall EOD 88 : review

Introduction I recently bought a used Randall EOD 88 valve amp. I am a fan of Randall amps and I was very interested by the voicing of this amp ( you can hear it in a few Youtube demos). I… Continue Reading →

Torpedo C.A.B M : review

Introduction We presented the Mooer Radar (IR Loader pedal) in a first review, and this time we are reviewing the Two-Notes Audio Engineering C.A.B M (which stands for “Cabinet in A Box”). Launched at Namm 2019 (so 15 months ago),… Continue Reading →

Mooer Radar : review

Updated March 14, 2021 Introduction This Chinese maker has become over time an important player in the guitar gear space, with a pretty large offering of guitar effects pedals, with attractive and budget prices but with a good price-performance ratio…. Continue Reading →

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