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Torpedo C.A.B. M+ : review

IntroductionUpgrading the pedalThe clean preampNoise gateThe enhancer moduleThe tunerNew reverbsBypass controlPerformance settingsNew Torpedo Remote softwareDocumentation updateConclusion Introduction This is a short follow-up of the original review of the Torpedo C.A.B. M (you can find it here). Two-Notes Audio Engineering made… Continue Reading →

Orange Micro Dark : review

Created : November 1, 2020 Updated : November 22, 2020 IntroductionThe packageUsage and toneOn real guitar cabinetsSamples with IRsThe FX loopThe headphones outputConclusion Introduction Tiny lunchbox format amps have been there for some time…. I was intrigued lately by the… Continue Reading →

Randall EOD 88 : review

IntroductionAbout RandallYou are doomed (EOD 88 introduction)The toneA few demosConclusionAddendum Introduction I recently bought a used Randall EOD 88 valve amp. I am a fan of Randall amps and I was very interested by the voicing of this amp (… Continue Reading →

Torpedo C.A.B M : review

IntroductionAbout Two-NotesThe .tur formatTorpedo C.A.B. M : introductionConnectionsGetting startedTorpedo Remote : control your CABEqualizersThe CABs !Power-ampsAudio qualityLoading 3rd party IRsA few samplesWith a guitar ampConclusion Introduction We presented the Mooer Radar (IR Loader pedal) in a first review, and this… Continue Reading →

Mooer Radar : review

Updated March 14, 2021 IntroductionMooer Radar : presentationConnecting the Mooer Radar pedalGet startedCabs and microphonesPower ampsThe embedded EQsA few samples with factory IRsUsing third party IRsConclusionChange log Introduction This Chinese maker has become over time an important player in the… Continue Reading →

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