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Welcome to this page dedicated to profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp (KPA). Free Kemper profiles will be presented in this page : the free profiles themselves are available on the Kemper Rig Exchange platform, directly accessible from your KPA. Paid or Patreon sponsored profiles will be downloadable from overdriven.fr. These profiles are captured by me, using multiple guitar amplifiers, cabs and pedals, in home-studio conditions.

Legal disclaimer

All product names and company names used on this webpage are (registered) brand names or trademarks of each respective holders, and overdriven.fr/the owner of overdriven.fr is not associated or affiliated with them. These product names are used solely for purpose of identifying the specific products that were used during profiling. The profiles made available on overdriven.fr are not for resale or any unlicensed distribution, free or compensated. The overdriven.fr profiles uploaded to the Kemper Rig Exchange are governed by the terms of use of the Kemper Rig Exchange platform. The KPA profiles simply seek to re-create the sound of the amplifiers/cabinets/speakers/microphones listed, and any use of the brand names is strictly for comparison and descriptive purposes. Users are free to use these profiles in their audio and/or video creations, personal or professional, free of rights.

EOD88 – Fatboy Demon profiles

These are my first profiles created with the Kemper : they are using the main distorted channel of a Randall® EOD 88, with and without the boost engaged, with various tone and gain settings. To get more information about the EOD 88, you can check my review of this amp here.

5 free profiles are made available :

  • EOD 88 Demon 02 : boost off, aggressive tone
  • EOD 88 Demon 03 : boost on, full tone
  • EOD 88 Demon 04 : boost on, gain 5.5, aggressive tone
  • EOD 88 Demon 05 : boost on, gain 5.5, full tone
  • EOD 88 Demon 06 : boost on, gain 5.5, full tone

The cab used is a 2*12 Zilla® Fatboy, equipped with two Hesu® Demon speakers. The profiles are KPA complete studio profiles, refined after the KPA capture. The mic used is the DYN-US-6, in P12. To know more about mic positions, check the main IR download page here. The profiles were created and tweaked using an E-Flat guitar with an EMG 57 and a drop D guitar with a SH-4 pickup. You may need to adjust the settings (gain, tone, low-cut) depending on your pickups and the tuning you use. I get the best results with the Kemper Green Drive, but the Precision Drive can also work well (for example EMG 81 with Attack 1).

I re-tubed completely my EOD 88 last summer (2021) : the preamp tubes are custom selected 12AX7 tubes, and the KT88 tubes were also changed (from Ruby to JJ KT88).

To access these profiles from your Kemper, either download them from the Kemper web site or just use/import them from the Kemper Rig Manager software (Rig Exchange) : filter on the author name “DavidA-overdriven” or on the rig name “EOD88 Demon”.

Each profile use the following blocks :

  • Green Drive
  • Noise Gate
  • Studio eq block (where only the low-cut filter is used).

Some samples below : the AHB3 samples are drop-b, the EMG57 samples are e-flat. Drop-B samples use a more aggressive low-cut in the Studio EQ block. Some samples use KPA Air Chorus and Single Delay.

Adjust carefully the low-cut or use an aggressive OD to get more definition, as the lows/low-mids are quite present.

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