January 6, 2024

Kemper launched last month a new hardware : the Profiler player, a Kemper profiler in a pedal format with a lower tag price than the full featured Kemper Stage and the Kemper Profiler Amp (a.k.a “the toaster”).

This small unit packs a lot of features : it offers the capability to render Kemper profiles, has 4 slots for effects (2 pre amp stack and 2 post amp stack), supports the Liquid Profiling added last year as well as the Kemper Kabinet with the Kone mode support. You will also be able to load external IRs, similar to the other Kemper units.

The Kemper Profiler Player (image from Kemper web site)

The unit is compatible with the big profilers rigs within the limit of the 4 slots and the 136 effects (taken for the 444 effects from the big profiler). If offers 5 banks of 10 slots (so it can hold 50 rigs).

It supports also being used as an USB audio interface and can be controlled by the rig manager application running on Mac, PCs, Android and iPhone. Please note that the Player can only use and not capture profiles.

The player can be purchased directly from the Kemper web site (698 Euros) : https://www.kemper-amps.com/products/fr/profiler-player.html. It should also be available through Thomann quickly : https://www.thomann.de/intl/kemper_profiler_player.htm