December 19, 2021 : a new “Gen3” IR collection is now available, using a ZillaCabs® Fatboy loaded with two Hesu® Demon speakers.

The cab used is a Zilla® Fatboy (2*12) rear-loaded with two Hesu® Demon, 8 ohms, wired in parallel. This collection contains captures of both speakers (the “new” one and the “old” one) : these are similar 8 ohms speakers but they provide two different and complementary flavors of the Demon tone.

The Demon is made for rock and metal and these captures will work nicely with downtuned guitars.

This collection contains 135 IR files with 4 dynamic mics and 1 ribbon mic.

Some samples

The samples below are created with the following signal chain :

  • Fishman Willie Adler pickups, active voicing, drop C
  • Mooer GE300 (blocks used : FXA or OD, AMP, CAB)
  • USB recording in logic pro
  • Low-cut and high-cut to limit boominess and harshness

GE300 amps used :

  • Cali Dual 2 (24)
  • Shit Cow RD (91)
  • P-SAVAGE C4 (download pack on Mooer website)
  • Petey Satch UL (62)
  • Herby CH3 (65)

IRs used in the tracks :

  • FBDEM 01 : DYN-US-8
  • FBDEM 02 : RBN-160
  • FBDEM 03 : DYN-57
  • FBDEM 04 : DYN-US-6
Fatboy Demon demos IRs with GE300 amps

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