August 29, 2021 : launching free Hotone Ampero and Mooer GE300 presets. I’ll now start sharing my presets for Ampero and GE300 : these presets will either use the built-in cabs/IRs or free IRs.

The first packs have been released : the Rector Ampero presets 1 and the CaliDual GE300 presets 1. Both packs are using the Mesa Recto sims of the two devices, paired with free IRs or IR mixes. The packs leverage multiple speakers and cabs (V30, H30, G12K100, Demon,….). These presets may give you examples, ideas, and get you started with your tone tweaking journey with these devices :). Hope you will have fun with these presets !

GE300 presets

Ampero Presets

You can access these presets from the main Resources menu or by using these links:

Do not hesitate to post comments on these pages to provide feedback and suggestions.

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