March 6, 2022 : a new IR collection is now available, using a German 112 cabinet, front-loaded with a Celestion® G12-65 speaker, captured with a KT88 power amplifier and my TubePreamp #2. This collection was originally captured on July 15 2020, and was sleeping in some area of my hard disks…. Very solid and useable tone IMHO, pretty good for old school trash but can cover much much more…. The tone is more “vintage” IMHO compared to the V30… This collection is part of the “Gen2” collections. Enjoy and happy riffing !

Small examples

All the samples below are recorded with : AHB3 in Drop B tuning, OD9, Thrasher 50, Torpedo Reload, Libra in LogicProx (low cut, high cut around 14 kHz).

IR collection page

You can access this collection with the following link :

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