January 23, 2022 : a new “Gen3” IR collection is now available, using a US 412 cabinet, rear-loaded with four Celestion® V30 speakers, captured with a CLASS D power amplifier (neutral).

This collection contains IR captures of two of the four speakers (speaker “#3” and “#4”) and provides -IMHO- some pretty solid V30 tone.

This first version of the collection contains 153 IR files, captured with 4 dynamic microphones and 1 ribbon microphone.

Small samples

Samples with amp, pedal and amp sim. Thrasher samples are recorded through a Torpedo Reload. High cut and low cut filters, light TH-U chorus, different IRs are used left and right (same microphones but different positions).

IR collection page

You can access this collection with the following link : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/ir-us-412-celestion-v30-class-d-home-studio-edition-free-guitar-cab-impulse-responses-download/


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