February 7, 2021 : a new free guitar cabinet impulse responses collection is available. The guitar cabinet used for this collection is the “UK-112” cab, rear-loaded with a Celestion® G12T75 speaker (8 ohms) : a classic for metal, thrash and other energic styles…

This IR collection is way more balanced compared to the previously published collections (OD-212 and German-112) : it is globally darker and less aggressive, so probably easier to pair with amps, pedals and amp sims.

This collection contains 144 IR files in WAV, 44 kHz format, based on a set of 8 microphones.

A few samples

A few samples : BKP Painkiller – Drop C# – OD808 – Randall Thrasher – Torpedo Reload – Nadir – UK112-T75 IRs.

Download page and IR informations

Get the free IRs information and download link on this page : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/ir-uk-112-celestion-g12t75-home-studio-edition-free-guitar-cab-impulse-responses-download/


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