February 14, 2021 : Overloud just released TH-U version 1.3 (amps, pedals and cabs simulation) with an upgraded IR loader, for a better and more realistic tone. Named Fluid convolution, this new generation of IR loader should eliminate digital artefacts and avoid resampling issues by internally managing the IR in a different way.

Expected benefits are : 

  • Doubled IR length for more accurate simulation and a more solid tone.
  • More natural tone by avoiding resampling
  • Smoother support for parameter changes such as moving microphones or switching IRs.

Find the presentation of Overloud new Fluid Convolution implementation here : https://www.overloud.com/news/fluid-convolution-unveiled

Check their YouTube channel for a presentation of the updated capabilities of the TH-U Cab module (TH-U Cabinet Secrets and IR loader) : 

Check the video directly here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_vWz517CgA