November 13, 2020 : a new free guitar cabinet impulse responses collection is available. IRs were created with a German 1*12 guitar cabinet, loaded with an Hesu® Demon speaker.

This collection of IRs was created by miking a German front-loaded and ported 1*12 cabinet, loaded with a Demon speaker (8 ohms). 63 IR files usings 7 microphones (5 dynamic mics, 1 ribbon and 1 condenser mic), captured using a KT88 tube power amp section and a tube microphone preamp.

A few samples

The samples below use an Orange Dark Terror associated to the Demon IRs ;). The pickup is a SH6, guitar in Drop C. The overdrive used are a Precision Drive on some samples and a TC Electronic Spark booster on other samples. Check the file names in the playlist for the IR used. Samples are recorded with the Demon IRs loaded on a Two Notes CAB M (Dark Terror amp out to CAB M, and CAB M cab out to load-box).

Download page and IR informations

Get the free IRs information and download link on this page :

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