November 22, 2020 : MESA/Boogie launched its new Rectifier amplifier : a new and modernized take on the Rectifier, named the Badlander.

“Dual” is not part of the name as this new version only uses silicon diodes for rectification : it is meant to be tighter sounding than its Dual Rectifiers cousins.

The main specs are the following :

  • 5x 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 4x EL34 power amp tubes (6L6 are still supported)
  • 2x channels with 3 voicing (clean, crunch, crush)
  • Serial FX Loop
  • Embedded reactive load box (so the Badlander can be used without a speaker connected)
  • Embedded Mesa Impulse Response module (Cab Clone) with an XLR out and a headphone out.
  • Switchable power output (100 watts, 50 watts and 20 watts)
CabClone connectors in the middle

Multiple versions of the amp will be available :

  • Amp head in 100 watts or 50 watts
  • Rackmount version
  • 50 watts combo

More information on Mesa website :

The Badlander amps are already referenced in Europe at Musicstore : (announced availability beginning of April 2021) and at Thomann : (approximately same availability).