January 2020, 25 : a new free guitar cabinet impulse responses collection is available. IRs were created with a Zilla® Fatboy (2*12) loaded with an 8 ohms Celestion® G12K100. This speaker is rarely proposed by cabinet and amp-makers but Diezel offers 2*12 and 4*12 front loaded cabs with G12K100, and Rivera uses them in their 412 Mick Thomson (Slipknot) signature cab. In my opinion, it is an excellent speaker for metal, whatever the guitar tuning, with a strong and present bass section. Less aggressive than the V30, I find it excellent and I often use it to practice or record with a headphones. It cuts a little bit less than the V30 in a mix if you use similar settings, but if you raise your high-mids/highs and/or raise the presence a little bit, it will cut nicely, with a good grit. I enjoy using it on headphones or monitors as I get less hearing fatigue than with it’s V30 cousin.

The cab used is a Zilla Fatboy (2*12) : these custom cabs are made to order in the UK. They provide a very clean and full sound, and Zilla offers many customisation options. They are often more affordable compared to big brands cabs. They can be ordered and shipped with speakers (with a large choice of Celestion speakers, UK oblige 😉 ) or naked, without speakers, if you plan to use yours. 

This IR collection includes 93 files, for 8 microphones : E906, MB75, MD421, SM57, M160, SM7B, I5 and SM58. If you don’t know the T.Bone MB75 (SM57 clone), it is an opportunity to test it (you can A/B test it with the SM57 as there are similar recording positions included in the collection).

These IRs were created by using a 6L6 power amp section and a tube microphone preamp.

The riffs and partial song covers presented here as samples are used for illustration and educational purposes (using amps and IRs). These riffs and songs remain the property of their copyright owners. 

Three samples, made with these IRs and a TH3 Burnsphere simulation (riff from Ghosts of the undead, Six Feet Under https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5KXDAZNXus) :



SM57 (brighter position)

Find these IRs, other samples and information on this page : Fatboy Zilla G12K100 V III.

For terms of use and information about our IR capture process, take a look at this page : presentation of overdriven.fr impulse responses.