December 13, 2020 : a new free guitar cabinet impulse responses collection is available. The guitar cabinet used for this collection is a 1×12 Mesa/Boogie® Mini Recto® 19, rear-loaded with a Celestion® V30 UK (8 ohms). This collection is named Calif-R112 and is more balanced than the previously published 6L6 collection

The tone you get from this cab is surprisingly balanced and full : it has a great low end despite its small size and the beam blocker on the front does a great job to adjust the bite and the harshness with distorted tone

A few samples

The small samples below were created with a Randall Thrasher 50, a Torpedo Reload and Nadir under Logic Pro X. The pickup/overdrive and IR used are in the sample titles.

Download page and IR informations

Get the free IRs information and download link on this page :

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