June 06, 2022 : Two-Notes has released new DynIR collections based on Engl cabinets, loaded with Eminence DV-77 speakers (Mick Thomson signature speaker) and Hesu Demon speakers. The new cabinets available are based on Engl 1×12 (E112VB), 2×12 (VB and VHB) and 2 4×12 cabinets, the E412 VSB and the E412 XXL. That’s five cabs…. : this collection is named ‘Sinister 5’….Owners of Two-Notes software or hardware can test them in preview mode. The DV-77 collection cabs are named ‘Sig77’ and the Demon cabs are named ‘Sin’.

E212 Demon loaded under CaptorX remote

As usual, 8 microphones are available. Great tones for high-gain players !

Check Kyle Bull’s Youtube channel for demos of the Sinister 5 pack :

For a demo of the Sig77 pack, check Ninecore Neil video on Youtube :