May 2020, 25

After suffering a deferred launch due to the lockdown effects, the last born from the Two-Notes Torpedo family is finally available : it combines the function of a load-box, an amp attenuator and cab speaker simulation. And it brings all of these features in a very compact format.

The Captor X brings in many new features as well : two channels output (including for example the capability to output the WET -cab processed- signal and to output the amp DRY signal, for further processing in a DAW or other devices), a stereo expander function, a voicing control, an enhancer function, a « twin tracker » function (track doubler), a stereo reverb,… This small beast weighs 1,3 kg.

Find all the features on the Captor X product page :

The Captor X is available on Two-Notes store (549 Euros) : and available soon from Thomann :