November 6, 2002 : Mooer released a firmware update for the GE 300 multi-effects. The version 4.0.1 is available for download here :

This release contains the following features or updates :

  • New overdrive/distortion models for DS/OD module.
    • ROD881(Based on Maxon ROD881 Overdrive/Distortion Pedal)
    • RED AT(Based on JHS The AT Overdrive Pedal)
    • ODR1(Based on Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Pedal)
    • BE OD(Based on Friedman BE-OD Overdrive/Distortion Pedal)
  • New Noise Reducer model for FXA module.
  • New Auto Pan and Stereo Enhancer effects for FXB module.
  • The range of Mono Pitch in FXA has been expanded from ±12 chromatic scales to ±24 chromatic scales.
  • All the Delay effect has been upgraded to stereo delay effects.
  • Additional 30 loading slots for MNRS files (up to 80 slots in total after this update).
  • Additional 30 loading slots for IR files (up to 50 slots in total after this update).
  • Fix some of the bugs in the GE300 device and the editor software.

It is recommended to perform a full backup of your unit before applying the upgrade.