• Created : August 30, 2020
  • Updated : August 30, 2020

Terms and conditions

Before proceeding with download, please consult the terms of use, and more specifically the “impulse response” section : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/fr/about/.

These impulse response files (IRs) are free and as mentioned in the Terms of Use, no warranty of any kind is provided with these files (issues, sound problems, inability to use them, sound quality, damages of any kind…).

CAB and mics

The cab used is a custom made 1*12, front-loaded with a Celestion® Classic Lead™ (8 ohms). The Classic Lead exhibits a lot of punch, clarity and definition, with a slightly rolled-off treble section, that gives less sizzle and aggressivity than its V30 cousin : it is able to support massive amount of distortion (IMHO).

The custom-made cab has approximately the same size as the German 112 cab used in other overdriven.fr collections. This cab is made of light wood and does not have a port : it produces a quite powerful sound but with less extension around 120 Hz, and this provides a more even, less scooped sound. The bass section is strong though, as I decided to lower the HPF used for recording, to preserve more of the 100-200 Hz area. You will need to set an HPF when playing to clarify the low-end if you want to achieve clear-cut palm mutes.

IR informations :

  • The preamp used is the “TubePreamp2” (JJ Selected Gold).
  • Custom 112 CAB loaded with a Celestion® Classic Lead™ 8 ohms
  • 9 dynamic mics, 1 ribbon mic, 44 IR files in WAV 44 kHz format
  • 10 microphones :
    • DYN-57
    • DYN-R20
    • DYN-7B
    • DYN-CN-7
    • DYN-906
    • DYN-421
    • DYN-US-6
    • DYN-58
    • RBN-CN-2
    • DYN-GB-1
  • Recorded in home studio conditions
  • Recorded with a KT88 power amp section only
  • For microphone information, positions and file names explanations, please check : https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/irdownloads/
  • Some of these IRs can exhibit a massive low-end (ie bass) section : on boomy monitors and/or at high volume, that can be way too much and overtake the speaker tone. Use an HPF and use an EQ to lower the 100-400 Hz section in this case. And yes, these IRs should make the most anemic amps or pedals chug ! 🙂
Classic Lead rear plate


A few samples below :

Samples 1 and 2 : BKP Aftermath (B Tuning), Hotone Xtomp OD808, Wampler Triple Wreck, Sound Card, Logic Pro X, Ignite TPA-1 (EL34), Nadir

Sample 3 : SD JB (SH4, C Tuning), Hotone Xtomp OD808, Wampler Triple Wreck, Sound Card, Logic Pro X, Ignite TPA-1 (EL34), Nadir


Overdriven.fr is not affiliated with the brands mentioned on this page. These products and brand names are listed here to describe the hardware used for impulse capture. All brands belong to their respective owners.

Download link

You can download the IR files from this page: https://overdriven.fr/overdriven/index.php/download/overdriven-o112-clead-tubepreamp2-v1-0-zip

Change log

  • August 30 2020 : 1.0 , initial publication

IR Files

This collection contains the following mics and IR files :

  • DYN-57
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-57-P10-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-57-P20-50.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-57-P10-50.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-57-P20-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-57-P20-30-BRIGHT.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-57-P09-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-57-P05-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-57-P20-50-BRIGHT.wav
  • DYN-R20
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-R20-P20-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-R20-P10-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-R20-P05-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-R20-P09-30.wav
  • DYN-7B
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-7B-P20-40.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-7B-P10-40.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-7B-P20-40-BRIGHT.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-7B-P09-40.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-7B-P05-40.wav
  • DYN-CN-7
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-CN-7-P09-40.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-CN-7-P05-40.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-CN-7-P10-40.wav
  • DYN-906
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-906-P09-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-906-P05-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-906-P20-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-906-P10-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-906-P00-30.wav
  • DYN-421
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-421-P10-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-421-P09-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-421-P05-30.wav
  • DYN-US-6
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-US-6-P10-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-US-6-P20-30.wav
  • DYN-58
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-58-P00-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-58-P10-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-58-P05-30.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-58-P09-30.wav
  • RBN-CN-2
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-RBN-CN-2-P00-100.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-RBN-CN-2-P05-120.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-RBN-CN-2-P00-80-BRIGHT.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-RBN-CN-2-P00-80.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-RBN-CN-2-P05-140.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-RBN-CN-2-P00-120.wav
  • DYN-GB-1
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-GB-1-V4-P05-50-ACTIVE.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-GB-1-V1-P09-30-ACTIVE.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-GB-1-V4-P00-50-ACTIVE.wav
    • OD-O112-CLEAD-DYN-GB-1-V1-P10-30-ACTIVE.wav

My top picks

  • RBN-CN2 : P05-140, P05-120.wav and P00-80-BRIGHT
  • DYN-CN-7
  • DYN-R20