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Installing Fluence Modern 8 on a Legator G8FP

I decided to start learning playing on a 8 strings guitar and decided to go after a headless fanned fret model, for the weight and because I have small hands. After searching for a reasonably priced guitar, I decided to… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses : part 3

Introduction In this third post on impulse responses, we will take a look at the main recording technique used for (metal) guitar and we will introduce a basic equalization technique based on two filters : the high-pass and the low-pass… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses : part 2

Introduction In this second post, we discuss the signal chain for using CAB impulse responses, as well as an introduction to software IR loaders. Signal chain : introduction It is the path that your guitar pickup signal will follow in… Continue Reading →

Impulse responses : part 1

Introduction Impulse Response technology (IR) has become extremely popular among the guitar players community, from beginners to accomplished professional players.This technology allows the creation of sound footprints for a given hardware (a guitar CAB and a recording mic) and to… Continue Reading →

Get started with metal guitar

So you finally decided to start playing metal guitar ! Welcome ! I think there has never been a better time than nowadays to start learning guitar : you can find affordable guitars, amps and a zillion of resources like… Continue Reading →

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