November 3, 2020 : with new lockdowns taking place in many countries, Two-Notes just decided to give a new gift  to CABM/CABM+ owners : 12 cabinets for free that users can redeem on the Two-Notes store. 

This pack is free for C.A.B. M owners between November 3rd and January 5th and it is worth 120 Euros : thanks Two-Notes !

The CABM+ is a great virtual cabinet / IR hardware loader that can be used with pedals or amplifier outputs (the CABM is not a load box : when using an amplifier output, please attach a load : a real cab or a load-box).  You can check my review of the CAB M here : You can check as well a few small samples in the Orange Micro Dark review made with the CAB M here : .

If you are interested and looking for such an IR loading device, this free pack is a great added value ! If you already own one, download and enjoy the cabinets : there are great cabs in this pack. My preference -for metal and distorted tones- are the Brit60A (very good), the BigRock, the StrongBack and the E412 VSB. And the Kraken sounds pretty interesting too !

12 great cabs in this pack : check the pack here

  • Twill15 : JensenP15 (Diffusion Audio)
  • Voice30 Blue : Celestion Alnico Blues (Mirador Studio)
  • Orange PPC412AD : Celestion Vintage 30 (Celestion)
  • Laney LA412 : Celestion G12H75 (Celestion)
  • Brit60A (412) : Marshall 1960A G12T75 (Two-Notes)
  • BigRock  (412) : based on a Soldano 412, Eminence X1200 (Black Bear Studio)
  • StrongBack (412) : Eminence P50E (Two-Notes)
  • Recto Standard OS Slant (412) : V30 Mesa (Mesa/Boogie)
  • Engl E412 VSB : V30 (Engl Amps)
  • Suhr Bella V-Type : V-Type (Celestion)
  • Revv 412 Open Back : WGS ET90 and Vet30 (Revv amplification)
  • Victory Kraken 412 C Classic  : V30 (Victory)

Enjoying the new cabs :

To get the new cabs, follow the link received by email or connect to your Two-Notes account (where you should have registered your CAB M already) then unlock/add the cabs to your account. 

Hurry and get a CABM ! 😉