August 2020, 31 : a new free guitar cabinet impulse responses collection is available. IRs were created with a custom made 112 cab, front-loaded with a Celestion® Classic Lead™ speaker.

Do not be fooled by the name : it is not a speaker dedicated for lead players only …. It is rather a speaker that has a tone profile that supports lead and single notes playing particularly well. The Classic Lead exhibits a lot of punch, and is capable of a lot of clarity and definition, with a slightly rolled-off treble section that gives less sizzle and agressivity than its V30 cousin. It is able to support massive amount of distortion (IMHO).

V30 (white) versus Classic Lead (red), SM57 P09 30, same cab

As shown on the frequency graph above, the V30 and the Classic Lead have a very similar low to mid-range section, then the Classic Lead exhibits more punch around 2 Khz and is rolling off treble sooner than the V30 (lower volume in the 5 Khz area). The graph shows Classic Lead frequency response compared to an 8 ohms V30 (made in China), with the same cab, SM57 in P09 30 position (see this page for position informations :

The custom-made cab used for these IRs has approximately the same size as the German 112 cab used in other collections. This cab is made of light wood and does not have a port : it still produces a quite powerful sound but with less extension around 120 Hz, and this provides a more even, less scooped sound. Playing these IRs at moderate to loud volume on my current home studio monitors, I realized that this IR collection can exhibit a massive low-end : use a HPF and lower the 100-400 Hz area to regain some clarity if needed by your gear.

A few samples

A few samples :

  • Samples 1 and 2 : BKP Aftermath (B Tuning), Hotone Xtomp OD808, Wampler Triple Wreck, Sound Card, Logic Pro X, Ignite TPA-1 (EL34), Nadir. Some reverb on sample 1 (reverb off at 00:56)
  • Sample 3 : SD JB (SH4, C Tuning), Hotone Xtomp OD808, Wampler Triple Wreck, Sound Card, Logic Pro X, Ignite TPA-1 (EL34), Nadir. HPF at 140 Hz to lower the bass resonance on this sample.

Download page and IR informations

Get the free IRs information and download link on this page :

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