March 2020, 30 : a new free guitar cabinet impulse response collection is available from, based on a 15 ohms Celestion® G12H55 made in UK. This 30 watts speaker -with a 55 hz resonance frequency- is part of the green back family but uses a large magnet. It is a reissue of the original speaker created in the late 60’s and 70’s

The guitar cab used for IR capture in this case is a German made 1*12 front-loaded and ported cab. Despite it’s small size, it delivers punch, clarity and an authoritative sound, and associated with this speaker, I think it can compete with many 212 cabs and maybe even some 412… ;). The first Vintage 30 / Greenback comparisons I found on YouTube for metal tone were not really convincing. And when I mounted this speaker in the 112 cab, my first experience was …. “meh ?” … not super convincing either. Then I tweaked my settings, I tried to record it and I discovered an extremely good speaker… Non metal players, stop-by and give it a try…

This IR collection is made of 27 files, for 4 mics : E906, SM7B, SM57 and SM58, and captured with a tube preamp.

Two simple chug-chug samples, made with these IRs and using a Mercuriall U530 plugin (details on the IR page):

SM58 sample

E906 sample

You can find the IRs, other samples and information on this page :

For terms of use and information about our IR capture process, take a look at this page : presentation of impulse responses.