May 11, 2021 : for more flavors and more tone options, new EQ’ed versions of collections are available. For some microphones and positions, up to 4 additional IRs are made available :

  • -EQ2-2
  • -EQ2-3
  • -EQ3-2
  • -EQ3-3

These EQ settings brings more mids and more low mids, for more liveliness : from the clearest original position (no-eq) to the darkest version (clear to more low and low-mids is as follow : original_position_no_eq, EQ2-2, EQ3-2, EQ2-3, -EQ3-3). Depending on the original clarity of the recording position and microphone, all EQ’ed versions may not be available for every single position.

Check the Calif R212 collection update and the Fatboy G12K100 collection update on the following links or on the global download page ( ):

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