January 2020, 19 : a new free guitar cabinet impulse response collection is available from overdriven.fr, based on a 8 ohms Celestion® G12T75. This classical speaker from the 80’s has been used by many cab vendors (including Marshall) and many guitar players, especially Yngwie Malmsteen and Jeff Hanneman (Slayer). If you are looking for new sounds for practice or recording, try this new IR collection : the G12T75 is often under rated and over hated : you might be actually pleasingly surprised, as its balance is interesting and its treble is softer than the V30. Some players use it in 412 cabs together with V30 speakers, in an X pattern.

The guitar cab used for IR capture in this case is a German made 1*12 front-loaded and ported cab. Despite it’s small size, it delivers punch, clarity and an authoritative sound.

This IR collection is made of 69 files, for 6 mics : E906, M201TG, MD421, PRA628, SM57 and SM58, with 2 different preamps (a little bit more clarity given by preamp #2 in the 7500-10000 Hz area). IRs are captured with the 6L6 power section of a tube amp.

The riffs and partial song covers presented here as samples are used for illustration and educational purposes (using amps and IRs). These riffs and songs remain the property of their copyright owners. 

Two samples, made with these IRs and using a TH3 Burnsphere amp simulation (riff from War is coming, 6 Feet Under https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5KXDAZNXus):

SM57 sample

SM58 sample

You can find the IRs, other samples and information on this page : German 1*12 Celestion G12T75.

For terms of use and information about our IR capture process, take a look at this page : presentation of overdriven.fr impulse responses.